5 Reasons You Should NOT Try islandCHURCH

In just a few weeks, our lead pastor David Tarkington is officially handing over the keys to launch our new church campus known as islandCHURCH, as part of the firstFAMILY network.  We launch on September 10th at 5pm in the cafeteria of Paterson Elementary in Fleming Island, Florida.

So why should you check out islandCHURCH?  To make it easier, let me tell you why you should NOT check it out…

  1. You prefer feel-good messages. If you are eager to hear motivational messages about self-empowerment, I can offer you a list of “churches” led by Tony Robbins clones.  At islandCHURCH, we don’t drink the empty calories in the gospel of self-empowerment.  We are passionate about the real gospel of Jesus that demands self-abandonment and delivers lasting joy.
  2. You want to remain unknown. Bigger churches are great and I’m a member of one.  But they can also be an easy way for people to remain unknown to others.  If you want to slip in and out of a worship service without being recognized, then you should probably not try islandCHURCH.
  3. You thrive on church programs. I love well-run church programs.  They can be a huge help to Christians.  But if you thrive on highly-organized and well-funded church programs, then islandCHURCH might not be the place for you.  Our focus is not on producing programs to serve church people.  We are focused on making disciples who will serve God by serving others.
  4. You prefer professionals do the work. It’s easy for pew-sitters to write a check to the “professionals” on stage to do the work of the church.  I’ve done it most of my life.  But what if a church existed where there were no “professionals” and everyone in the pew had a role in the work of the church?  That’s what islandCHURCH is striving to become.
  5. You already serve somewhere else. There are some great gospel-centered churches in the Fleming Island area and if you already serve in one of them, then remain faithful to where God has placed you.

If those 5 reasons to avoid islandCHURCH don’t scare you away, then I would like to personally invite you to come see what we are all about.  We are a local group of believers who are striving to love God, love people, and make disciples… and nothing could be more important than that.

Hope to see you at islandCHURCH!   If you’d like to preview islandCHURCH, come check out our final preview service on Sunday August 20th at 5pm.

preview no 4

Hope to see you there!


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